At the Top: Burj Al Khalifa

View from the Top

View from the Top

Tallest among the tall.

A visit to the tallest building in the world made me realize that we can overcome all our fears. I have a lot of fears in me and one of them is heights! I used to hate heights. It made me dizzy, nauseous and sick but to be at the highest place I could ever be –  I need all the guts! Especially if you’re looking at one of the world’s dream country.

Taken at the highest deck of the building, the Dubai City looks impressive above. It was kind of scary to hold onto the side rails and look beyond the windows but how to appreciate the view if I don’t try to get close? and yes! One deep breath and I walked towards the deck. It was wondrous! Finally, overcoming my heights was easy-peasy. Ha! LOL

Ticket to Cloud 9

Ticket to Cloud 9

Here’s my ticket! So this was 4 months ago but the surreal feeling is still here. I found out that Tom Cruise’s MI Ghost Protocol was filmed here! stupid me even though I’ve seen the movie twice

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise Chair

Using the elevator was pretty fast! We we’re at the deck in less than a minute and I thought it would take an hour. We were welcomed by the blazing heat in the wooden deck. A lot of people were posing and taking pictures near the glass frame. Just a thought, if anyone tried to jump over the building, I think this would be a great place cos’ they get super super scared the hell out if they ever think twice to jump! LOL

Below the Burj Khalifa

Below the Burj Khalifa

Here is a picture below the Khalifa Building.. the color, the impressive design and structures were incomparable! Every night, Dubai holds a fountain show for the people. You won’t get tired of watching the fountains dance with the right music.

Zoom Me

Zoom Me

There is also a telescope. As you can see, I am looking for Burj Al Arab and I found it just by scanning the area. This will also feature Dubai during the historical times when everything was just barren soil and desert.

Mom felt more safe inside the deck. I think I inherited my fears from her! LOL Luckily, I got over it but she hasn’t yet.

I did a 360 degrees around the floor because I am so proud that I can look out in the open city.

It was a short trip but entering in one of the Guinness book of record was worth it!

Snowball Khalifa

Snowball Khalifa

I love snowballs! If only life can be put in a glass. Try shaking it all up, watch all those flakes go down slowly. I think that we would appreciate more of what’s going on and take everything in a careful pace. Life can be big, just like this Khalifa building being the tallest. Put Burj Al Khalifa in your hands and enjoy the snow go down because having snow or rain is magic. Not impossible but magical. 


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