Burj Al Arab: My Relaxing Afternoon Tea


Burj Al Arab: few meters away

A few years ago, I stumbled upon a poster of a blue sail-ship-looking building.. Little did I know that I’d see this wonderful and amazing place first-hand.

I am one happy girl who gets to visit and dine in style! The experience was fun and luxurious. Although we just had the afternoon tea, the food and ambiance was to die for.

The weather was one hell-of-a-hot afternoon but it didn’t stop me from being mesmerized with the beach while walking towards the building. It’s funny how we sometimes forget to appreciate God-given gifts – the beautiful beach in Burj Al Arab. Outside, it was windy and refreshing but it was time for us to get inside.

And Gosh. Everything was gold! The hotel is extravagantly presented with gold pillars and intricate structures. We were welcomed by spurting dancing waters in rhythm.Watching them dance in the air, not knowing where they would go.

Inside Burj Al Arab

Inside Burj Al Arab

This luxurious hotel does really live up to the highest and said to be the world’s 7-star. Amazing, ayt?

So I guess you can call me ambitious if I stay too long in this place cos damn, I can only afford the afternoon tea! LOL

The Junsui Asian Afternoon Tea consists of 7 sets of yummy meals.

Beach front

Beach front

We had the best seats in town! Near the window, the view of the beach was breath-taking. It should have been a great day for swimming but the day was planned for indoor relaxation.

Ice Teas

Ice Teas

Let me introduce, Senmon Cha, displaying her beauty and elegance in four different Asian ice teas.

My favorite ice tea was the Berry Bliss. The sweet-tangy cool taste was right for my taste buds.

Mom didn’t like the Jasmine Tea, she said it tasted like air-freshener. LOL

Salmon Maki

Salmon Maki

One of my favorite dish is the Salmon Maki, just dip in into soy sauce and wasabi.

I have always enjoyed eating this kind of Japanese dish. It’s very exciting whenever I put wasabi.Wasabi makes more interesting. It’s fun for me to put the right amount. Like in life. When events happen unexpectedly, we get confused and won’t know how react if it’s too much or maybe not even enough but it will always depend on the person’s perception and tolerance.

Korean Beef Bulgogi Roll

Korean Beef Bulgogi Roll

We also had a very healthy course consisting of pickled radish, carrots and mushrooms.

Mom didn’t like this part since it was kinda bitter for her taste. Sometimes its cool when parents don’t enjoy their food. You get to eat it because you like it instead. Well, I’m one of those kids. LOL

It was one of a kind afternoon tea in one of the most beautiful hotels in the world. The food and drinks were amazingly prepared by top chefs.

Even though I only came across from the lobby to the dining, I enjoyed every moment because I got to spend the time with my family. That is what I will always be thankful for.

Journeys are made by the people you travel with.

Pure Asia

Pure Asia


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